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Bonjour Bizou Sheer Silk T-Shirt
Voile Bowtie Chiffon Blouse
Rio Ice Skating Sparkle Turtleneck (Thanks Chihiro)
Tingeling Blouse Inspired By Chanel (Thanks Chihiro)
Pretty n' Love New England Sweater (Thanks Chihiro)
Stardoll Ruffle Front Blouse (Thanks Chihiro)

PS: If I have the wrong shop information on any item, please correct me in comments or in my guestbook.

1 comment:

  1. Unknown Ruffle Front Blouse = Stardoll, Unknown New England Sweater = Pretty in Pink, Unknown Blouse Inspired By Chanel = Tingeling, Unknown Ice Skating Sparkle Turtleneck = RIO. Don't ask how I know XD